Lazerware for Libraries

NOT Out of Order NOT Out of Order

“We understand the mission of libraries is to provide impeccable service to their patrons”


 The Lazerware Library Solution


Our connection to the Library industry started in 1997.   We understand that a Library’s mission of providing impeccable service to their patrons requires a dependable technology infrastructure, a superior support staff, and a dedication to constant improvement.   Lazerware also understands the unique technology burdens Libraries face.  We overcome these burdens by providing enterprise class hardware, standardization of software, Lazerware hardware, and premium support technicians.  By implementing the Lazerware Library Solution, our clients experience significant savings from reducing the staff labor necessary to update, troubleshoot, and correct computer problems. 


Today, Lazerware supports over 70 libraries spanning over 14,000 square miles.  That means, on any given day, Lazerware is responsible for over 1600 devices, of which over 1000 are computer workstations.  You won’t find an OUT OF ORDER sign on any of them.  Our team of specially trained technicians is dedicated to supporting our library family. They are labeled as champions by our clients. 


The Lazerware Library Solution is backed up by the programs that make Lazerware unique to the technology services industry.  At the core is our Standardization Philosophy that lowers cost of ownership.  In addition to selling and supporting industry leading products, we provide our own Lazerware Hardware (workstations & servers) that is custom built with the highest quality components.  To round out the entire solution, our Rapid Replacement Program minimizes downtime. 


Lazerware prides itself in introducing our Library partner sand their patrons to new & exciting technology. 

Ask about the Lazerware VR Experience for LibrariesVR For Libraries


To learn more about the Lazerware Library Solution, call us at 1-800-235-4448.  In St. Louis dial (314) 664-5454.  If you prefer, click HERE to submit your inquiry online.