Onsite Analysis


“To provide an efficient, cost effective and long term solution, you must first analyze the entire technology environment”


Onsite Analysis Investment


The industry is full of technology services companies that perform a simple discovery and then quote a canned solution based upon limited information.  When you look at their quote, did you find out anything new?  Any unknowns uncovered?  Have any risks or compliance issues been identified?  Does it provide a long term plan & budget?  Have they factored in organizational goals?  Ultimately, do you think they truly understand your business as it relates to your current and future technology needs?  The answers are most likely NO and all they actually did was just count equipment for basic asset management.  You could have done that yourself.


Lazerware is different.  We don’t like to guess when it comes to providing, servicing and supporting the technology that runs your business.  It’s too important and can impact your bottom line.  For those reasons, we offer every client the opportunity to invest in a detailed onsite analysis.  It is not required, but highly recommended.  With decades of experience, we are confident the Lazerware proactive approach and upfront investment will minimize downtime, saving you time & money.


The key outcome and benefit is the documentation the onsite analysis and process delivers.

  • Our team physically reviews every server & workstation, all communication gear, peripherals, and printers. 
  • We document all business critical software and data installed on each workstation.
  • Each workstation user and other key personnel are interviewed for performance feedback, plus the handling and storage of sensitive data.
  • Server infrastructure, details of hosted software, users, services, shares, group policies, licensing, age, and overall health are obtained and documented.  
  • A granular research of event logs is performed along with an investigation of backup strategies and logs. 
  • Since the Internet is so important in today’s business environment, we also identify and document the Internet service including details; IP addresses, contact information, and support information. 
  • Finally, all the information including equipment age is assembled. It is analyzed to create a long term support program that includes the cost savings with adopting the Lazerware Standardization Philosophy. 
  • The entire document is provided as part of our proposal.


You can start with a Free Onsite Consultation where we can discuss the value of the optional Onsite Analysis investment. Please contact us at 1-800-235-4448.  In St. Louis you can dial (314) 664-5454.  If you prefer, click HERE to submit your inquiry online.