Rapid Replacement Program



“Minimize Downtime – Maximize Productivity” 


 Lazerware’s Rapid Replacement Program


When you partner with Lazerware, it automatically includes peace of mind with our exclusive Rapid Replacement program.  You never have to worry about the expense and lost revenue due to extended downtime. 


The core principal of the Lazerware Rapid Replacement Program (RRP) is duplication.  Simply put, we invest and inventory a “Replacement” for every item we have ever sold.  We maintain that replacement inventory for that item’s entire life cycle, no matter how long.   That includes every printer, workstation, server, and laptop.  It even includes every single component utilized in building our customized Lazerware solutions. 



We maintain this inventory within our secured, centrally located facility and within our mobile support fleet.  The central location plus our mobile satellite fleet is the “Rapid” part of the program.  Our support staff is literally a phone call away.  For our rural-based clients, that means your personal support staff is in your area. 



The investment in the Rapid Replacement Program is unique to Lazerware and allows us to deliver an unsurpassed level of technology sales, service, and support.  Teamed up with our Standardization Philosophy and custom built Lazerware Hardware, we offer a solution you can find no other place. 


Contact us for a Free Onsite Consultation to discuss how our Rapid Replacement Program is the affordable, long term solution. Call us at 1-800-235-4448.  In St. Louis dial (314) 664-5454.  If you prefer, click HERE to submit your inquiry online.