Standardization Philosophy


“Maximize performance with the Lazerware Standardization Program”



Our Distinct Standardization Philosophy


The Lazerware Standardization Philosophy and Program delivers improved efficiency along with system & user compatibility.  It minimizes downtime and lowers the overall cost of ownership.  That all translates into lower maintenance costs and increased profitability.


The typical business site suffers from one or all of the following non-standard issues…

  1. A history of buying whatever is in stock from various suppliers
  2. A myriad of server and/or workstation makes & models
  3. Different operating systems and versions
  4. Multiple versions of Microsoft Office, Adobe, and other secondary business software and applications
  5. Windows and critical updates in various states
  6. Non-centralized and conflicting types and versions of anti-virus and malware security software
  7. Nonexistent or inconsistent backups
  8. Unlabeled or mislabeled network cabling
  9. Data files and documents scattered across workstations & servers
  10. Unsecured proprietary and sensitive data
  11. Wasted printer cartridge inventory
  12. No documentation of hardware, software, or licensing

It is easy to see how all this can not only disrupt the daily operations of your business, but also open you up to security risks and extensive downtime.


With the Lazerware Standardization Program you do not need to purchase all new hardware and software upfront.  You can prioritize the pieces of standardization most important to your organization.  The key is to define a standardization project that suits your business and budget.  This is where Lazerware can help.  We have decades of experience developing and implementing client specific standardization projects.  The Lazerware Standardization Philosophy along with our integrated Rapid Replacement Program will deliver superior service and support at the lowest possible cost. 


Contact us for a Free Onsite Consultation to discuss how standardization can benefit your organization. Call us at 1-800-235-4448.  In St. Louis dial (314) 664-5454.  If you prefer, click HERE to submit your inquiry online.