Lazerware for Veterinarians

Lazerware for Veterinarians

The Technology Services & Support Alternative to IDEXX, Animal Intelligence & Avimark


Lazerware for Veterinarians

First and foremost, you have a choice.  There is a solution that allows you to focus on what is most important; your practice.  You are not stuck with software vendor support or a reliance on in-house staff that cannot deliver the necessary efficiency, reliability and expertise your practice desires.  You don’t have to hope your internet, network, and credit card systems are professionally secured against real-world attacks.  You need an organization that fulfills current needs and helps plan for the future.  There is an alternative to consider.  It’s the Lazerware Single Source Solution for Veterinarians.

At Lazerware, we understand that patient wait time is a crucial indicator of satisfaction and online ratings.  Highly dependable servers, workstations and other vital networked devices must deliver an efficient, patient-centric experience, especially at Check-in & Check-out.  We understand network security, including PCI compliance, and how inexperience will jeopardize your practice by exposing it to greater financial risk.  We are confident that by choosing Lazerware for all your technology services and support, you can focus on your practice, knowing a technician dedicated to your account is equipped to quickly respond and resolve issues. 


One Call – Lazerware Responds – Problem Fixed


Here’s what current clients are saying about the Lazerware Single Source Solution for Veterinarians…

Katie Pratt, Facility and Inventory Manager, Veterinary Specialty Services

“I am extremely impressed with Lazerware.  In an ever-changing computer world, it is nice to have someone that I can rely on for fast, accurate service.  Our facility is a 24-hour Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center, so computer down time is not an option.  I have yet to be disappointed.”

Dr. Ed, Owner, Hillside Animal Hospital

“We are extremely pleased with Lazerware.  They have kept our computers running smoothly with little to no interruption in services.  One morning when I came in our server was off-line, and when I called into Lazerware they were already aware of the situation and it was being taken care off.  We were back on-line in no time.  Having that confidence in our tech support is extremely important and takes a lot of worry off of us.”


The Lazerware Single Source Solution is backed up by the programs that make Lazerware unique to the technology services industry.  At the core is our Standardization Philosophy that lowers cost of ownership.  In addition to selling and supporting industry leading products, we provide our own Lazerware Hardware (workstations & servers) that is custom built with the highest quality components.  To round out the entire solution, our Rapid Replacement Program minimizes downtime. 


To learn more about the Lazerware Single Source Solution for Veterinarians, call us at 1-800-235-4448.  In St. Louis dial (314) 664-5454.  If you prefer, click HERE to submit your inquiry online.