Virtual Reality for Libraries

Virtual Reality for Libraries

VR For Libraries

Lazerware’s Virtual Reality Experience for Libraries


“Bring the Lazerware VR Experience to Your Library”


The Lazerware Virtual Reality Experience was developed specifically with our Library Partners in mind.  First, we wanted to deliver a program that practically guarantees to attract new patrons and increase existing patron visits.   Second, it fulfills are ongoing commitment to introducing clients to the benefits of investing in advanced technology. 


Plus, it is pure entertainment.  It’s a load of fun to experience it yourself.  It’s also just as much fun watching other people experience VR, especially for their first time.


This is not some inexpensive, low-tech, slow performing or phone clip-on unit.  It is a full-featured, high performance VR system.  It utilizes a custom built, powerful Virtual Reality Controller, bundled with industry leading VR equipment from HTC (Vive) and applications from STEAM.  It all comes assembled on a custom, mobile cart for easy set-up and program management.



Library patrons can choose between a variety of games, educational apps, field trips and adventures, including…Virtual Reality Applications

  • Google Earth VR – Walk through Tokyo, around the Eiffel Tower or through the Grand Canyon
  • Ocean Rift – An underwater VR Safari. Swim with Manatees, Sharks, or Whales…even Dinosaurs
  • The Body VR – Journey Inside the Body to Learn about Cells and Anatomy
  • TiltBrush – Draw, Paint and Animate in a 3-Dimensional Workspace
  • VR Museum of Fine Art – Experience the World’s finest Art and Masterpieces

Plus, many more from STEAM.


Virtual RealityOur program is all-inclusive and provides your Library everything you need to deliver the ultimate virtual reality experience to patrons. 

  •      High-Performance VR Equipment
  •      Installation & Set-up, including custom set-up for the room/area size.
  •      Training & Support
  •      Sign-up Sheet with User “Terms & Conditions” Agreement.
  •      Suggested Marketing Campaign & Materials




You can RENT or OWN the Lazerware VR Experience

To learn more about Lazerware’s Virtual Reality Experience for Libraries, call us at 1-800-235-4448.  In St. Louis dial (314) 664-5454.  If you prefer, click HERE to submit your inquiry online.