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We design single-source solutions to eliminate your technology challenges

Lazerware Managed Services

Managed Services – Plus

A Perfect Balance Between Remote & Onsite Services

Lazerware delivers a solution beyond traditional managed services. It is not just remote access. It is full-service IT support with both remote and onsite response. We do more than just monitor and update. Lazerware takes a proactive approach that analyzes, identifies and corrects issues before they become problems.

Lazerware Managed Services are personalized, logical and complete. It includes a lead technician assigned to your account.

Local Hosting Services

Do You Know Where Your Server Is?

Lazerware Hosting Services is all about control; Local Control. All servers are physically located at our secured and environmentally sound facilities. All included service & support is provided by our technicians.

We build each client a customized solution that is specific to their unique technology resources and infrastructure requirements. It truly removes the burden, worries, and cost of maintaining your own server. Lazerware delivers the server, services and support. Plus, we keep clients informed about every update, maintenance and improvement event.
Lazerware Local Hosting Services
Lazerware Premium Hardware Sales

Premium Hardware Sales

Offering only the highest quality devices & components

Lazerware has spent nearly 30 years building valuable and solid vendor relationships. Many were driven by customer requirements and challenges. All have been developed specifically to deliver an elevated customer experience.

Though we have access to nearly anything, most clients realize the benefits choosing Lazerware certified hardware. All the suppliers and products have been thoroughly researched and rigorously tested. They meet the Lazerware standards with regard to performance, reliability, life-cycle and availability. Each supplier is a valued partner and an integral part of our customer service experience.

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