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We excel in meeting the unique technology requirements of these industries

    Lazerware for Libraries


    We understand the mission of libraries is to provide impeccable service to their patrons

    Lazerware supports nearly 100 libraries spanning over 20,000 square miles. That means, on any given day, Lazerware is responsible for over 1800 devices, of which over 1400 are computer workstations. You WON’T find an “Out Of Order” sign on any of them. Our team of specially-trained technicians is dedicated to supporting our library family. Our library clients call them champions!

    With the Lazerware Library Solution, our clients experience significant savings from reducing the staff labor necessary to update, troubleshoot, and correct computer problems.


    The Technology Services & Support Alternative to IDEXX, Animal Intelligence & Avimark

    You have a choice!  You are not stuck with software vendor support or a reliance on in-house staff that cannot deliver the necessary efficiency, reliability and expertise your practice desires. You don’t have to hope your internet, network, and credit card systems are professionally secured against real-world attacks. You need an organization that fulfills current needs and helps plan for the future.

    The Lazerware for Veterinarians Solution includes a dedicated technician and allows you to focus on what is most important; your practice.

    Lazerware for Veterinarians
    Lazerware for Manufacturing


    Personalized Solutions for Industrial Environments

    As your technology partner, everything starts with an onsite discovery and the resulting documentation.  The outcome is a personalized plan that consolidates all software & hardware, service & support with a heavy-duty maintenance schedule designed to minimize downtime and extend the life-cycle of technology equipment in an industrial environment.

    The program does not exclude any manufacturing applications, though Lazerware has extensive experience with IQMS, ShopTech, SolidWorks and a variety of CAD software.


    Customized, Secure and Compliant

    Small to medium sized retail business and Lazerware have always been a natural fit. Our Standardization and Rapid Replacement Programs provide the structure and response retail establishments require. We understand that technology issues negatively effect customer service, which impacts revenue and a business’s future. All service & support problems, no matter what, are “Urgent”.

    Lazerware has experience supporting multiple leading retail software applications, including QuickBooks, ECI-Spruce, Epicor & Mitchell-1.

    Lazerware for Retail

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