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Why Choose Lazerware?

Remove the overwhelming burden of technology on your organization with the area’s most knowledgeable and honest IT professionals

Long-Term Technology Plan

Lazerware develops a personalized long-term plan for each client. It starts with an Onsite Analysis and is built upon the distinct technical skills you require. Every solution is supported by a unique set of tightly integrated components that includes our exclusive Standardization Philosophy, Rapid Replacement Program and the Lazerware Hardware Advantage.

24 Hours a Day – 365 Days a Year

Lazerware Onsite Analysis

Onsite Analysis

Key to an efficient, cost-effective & long-term solution

This is not your industry standard simple discovery with an asset count.  This is a detailed analysis of your entire technology environment.  We uncover unknowns while identifying any risks and compliance issues.  Everything is fully documented. We factor in organizational goals and deliver a comprehensive long-term plan & budget.

Though this is not required, it is recommended.  Lazerware is confident that this proactive approach will minimize your downtime and ultimately save you time, money and aggravation.


It translates to lower maintenance costs & higher profits

Lazerware has decades of experience designing and implementing client-specific standardization programs.  You don’t have to purchase all new hardware and software upfront.  We help you identify and prioritize the standardization pieces most important to your organization.  Then we design the overall program and connected projects to suit your business and budget.

Our standardization philosophy and executable programs deliver improved efficiency along with system & user compatibility. It minimizes downtime and lowers the overall cost of ownership.

Lazerware Standardization Philosophy
Lazerware Rapid Replacement Program

Rapid Replacement

Minimizes Downtime – Maximizes Productivity

Duplication is at the core of Lazerware’s Rapid Replacement Program. That means we inventory a “Replacement” for every item we sell, including every single component used to build our customized hardware.  Inventory is maintained for its entire life-cycle; no matter how long.  Storage in both our secured, centrally-located facility and within our satellite mobile service & support fleet, assures a “Rapid” onsite response.

Our Rapid Replacement Program is unique to Lazerware and allows us to deliver an unsurpassed level of technology service and support.

Hardware Advantage

Unsurpassed Quality, Consistency, Performance & Value

Lazerware’s custom-built computers eliminate the costly problems associated with retail purchases. Our superior quality and high-performance components deliver exceptional value with a consistent user experience well past a standard life-cycle. Every computer is an extension of our Standardization Philosophy and Rapid Replacement Program. We take onsite standardization past the device level, itemizing it to the component level. To assure rapid replacement, we inventory every component in our secured facility and mobile fleet. Our service & support fleet even maintain a “hot spare” computer, in the event yours cannot be repaired onsite.

Lazerware Hardware Advantage

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