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Who Is Lazerware?

We genuinely care for the client, their personnel, and ultimately their business success

Our Journey

Lazerware is built upon our founder’s entrepreneurial spirit and an inherent leadership style dedicated to the success of others.

Our journey began in 1990 as the evolution of business and personal computer technology was upon us. We started by physically repairing terminals and printers from ADDS, Data General, Okidata, and HP. We quickly moved into PC’s, Servers, and Networking. As technology evolved, so did Lazerware.  Throughout our history, one guiding principle has remained constant. We never compromise on quality.

Over time, Lazerware invested in facilities, security, inventory, training, software, and the development of automated processes and programs. Researching the highest quality solutions for our clients continued. We became much more than just a basic service and repair company. Our organization was systematically structured to handle every aspect of a client’s technology requirements. We established ourselves as specialists in hardware, networks, peripherals, security, compliance, and consulting.

Lazerware Today

Today, our entrepreneurial spirit, core values, leadership style, and dedication to the highest quality solutions still holds true. These qualities have stimulated growth & retention; both with our associates and our customers. We have become a proven partner tightly woven into the success of our clients.

Our unique Onsite Analysis, Standardization Philosophy, and Rapid Replacement Program have proven to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime.

Community Involvement & Outreach

Lazerware aspires to be a stabilizing influence in the business culture of the area; bringing successful people and resources together to enrich communities one at a time

When it comes to starting & running a business, there is more to success than profits & longevity. At Lazerware, we believe we have a responsibility to the communities we serve. That responsibility includes giving back more than we receive. We are committed to sharing our success, knowledge & physical resources to improve individual lives and the community as a whole by reducing blight & bringing more business to the area.

North Pole Project
St. Louis

In addition to our active involvement in local business initiatives, Lazerware created its own charitable organization in 2010; North Pole Project of St. Louis (NPPSTL). The North Pole Project helps families in need during Christmastime. Each year, we deliver personalized and meaningful presents to the children of families in need. We started small with just 2 families in 2010 and have grown each year. Today, we have joyfully helped over 125 families and 400 children.

NPPSTL is a non-profit organization pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

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