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PCI Compliance – The Risks with Answering “Yes”

If PCI Compliance does not scare you, maybe it should. The Gemalto Data Breach Index reported 1,540 data breaches in 2014 totaling over a billion records.  That equated to 32 records lost or stolen every second.  The Nilson Report states worldwide losses due to credit/debit card fraud totaled $16.3 billion in 2015.  That is some…
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North Pole Project 2016 A Success

2016 We have already received text messages from families and even a card from one thanking us for our help and how we’re going to make such a difference in their Christmas this year. Santa wants to share a few stories on what a positive impact you helped to make. Santa Story: My House…We were…
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Malicious Ransomware Alert!

Malicious Ransomware Alert! The name says it all. It locks up your hard drive until you pay a criminal for the key. … Posted by Lazerware Inc. at


That means we have created over 5000 computers. An uncompromising focus on the highest quality components with the perfect balance of speed, reliability and price helped us reach this goal. It would not have been possible without the commitment of the Lazerware family to test, assemble, and support our systems. A special thanks to our…
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To Re-purpose or Recycle? What should we do with our old computers?

It’s a question all our customers eventually ask. First, DO NOT throw them out in the trash, since it is not environmentally friendly and is probably illegal. Most states and even cities or smaller municipalities have laws prohibiting standard waste disposal of computers and other electronics. That essentially leaves us with two options. To Repurpose…
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TechSoup Mobile Beacon Program – Don’t get Burned by your Hotspot

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